Friday, November 16, 2007

* Oriental Belly Dance Darbouka & Tabla CD - 02

Αφιερωμένο Εξαιρετικά Σε Όλους Τους Φίλους Που Αγαπούν Και Στηρίζουν Το Χορό Της Κοιλιάς.

Ο φίλος του blog που μου το έστειλε έγραψε: "A variety of music mostly drum solos for the Belly Dancer! This is fun music, Great for α class of beginning belly dancers because it has great sound. Nice deep bass and clear teaks (treble) so hot than even a beginner can hear and understand the beats. We played it in our class and it sold out immediately. These are absolutely the best." Ibrahim Abdul Abdulkariem

Απολαύστε το δεύτερο από τα δύο CD "Oriental Belly Dance Darbouka & Tabla" στα 320.0 kb/sec:


01. Only For Belly Dancer

02. Arabic Beat

03. Tabla & Doff

04. Darbouka

05. Arabic Disco Beat

06. Bent El Balad

07. Bent El Osoul

08. DJ

09. Only Tabla

10. The Arabic Party

11. The Mobile Dance


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